Cube - Integrating Footsteps

With the recorded footsteps i've been able to get to grips the Wwise implementation process. Both the heel and toe elements of each material had to be imported into a 'Random Container' so that with each footstep a new file would play. Just to ensure there would be no repetitions to close to each other i change the random play order to 'shuffle', from where i told Wwise to never repeat the last five audio files played. In order to make the heels and toes play in sequence, both random containers need to be contained inside a 'Sequence Container'. Here i can designate a play order of anything that is inside the sequence container, ensuring that a random heel will always play before a random toe. The trigger rate between the heel/toe can also be customised to either lengthen or shorten the gap between playlist contents. The process was repeated for all other surface elements.

All of the sequence containers are within a parent 'Switch Container' called "Footsteps". The purpose of the switch container is to receive game syncs from the engine and switch the footstep audio to match what the player is walking on on-screen. A 'Switch Group' is made for each material and these link to the game engine. he appropriate switch containers are then assigned to their specific switch group. I added some global EQ to the Footsteps container to make them sound less present. Low end filtering removed the proximity effect, some 2-5KHz reduction reduces the presence and finally a small high shelf to replicate the dissipation of high frequencies before reaching the characters ears. Finally some subtle volume and pitch randomisation ensures the player won't hear the exact same footstep twice.