Cube - Weapons

The weapons were mainly built from volume and pitch automating pink noise files and split into three sections: Mech, Body and Punch. I began with the chaingun, which wasn't too hard to do. The shots had to be quite short so there wasn't a lot of overlap when it was rapid firing. The mech sounds consisted of various metallic clicks. I also threw in one of the gravel footstep samples for a bit of a crunchy scrape. Since it's a rapid fire weapon i imagine it would expel a shell after each shot. I recorded the sound of a butter knife tapping a drinking glass and layered it in. It adds a nice "plinky" sound over each shot that sounds like a shell popping out. The body mainly consisted of pink noise to simulate the blast itself. Volume automation was used to make the fade out less smooth and artificial sounding. This was also run through a distortion plugin to make it sound more gritty and aggressive. The same pink noise was used for the punch layer, though a shorter duration and low pass filtering. I also added a kick drum for some extra thud.


Chaingun project


I was able to duplicate the chaingun design to use as a starting point for my other sounds. The rifle and the shotgun were made in a similar way, but with different lengths and amounts of processing. These two weapons also came with the added challenge of a reload sound. For the shotgun pump i used a sound i had previously created for another project. It was made from small metal clicks and the sound of a tape measure retracting. I sliced it up and layered it with pitched down versions of itself to add a bit more beef. The rifle cock was done the same way but with the sound of a stapler being pulled back.  When implementing these i split them into "pump in" and "pump out" sounds, each with pitch randomisation and then altered the trigger rate until they synced with the animation.


Shotgun Project


For the rocket launcher i didn't make three variants of audio files for each sound layer like i did the other weapons. This was because the body sound is so powerful that it really drowns out a lot of the mechanical subtleties, so in the end it's really just going to be wasted memory. Similarly for the body i didn't feel there would realistically be that much alteration in the sound so it wouldn't be worth the memory when pitch randomisation can create enough variation. The rocket will always travel at the same speed and therefore the attenuation will always be the same too. Originally i was simply going to use the thrust sound by itself, however since it had to be continuous it would mean the initial firing sound would endlessly loop as well. To create the quite realistic firing sound i automated a low Q sweep on an EQ of pink noise and added some distortion. In the implementation it sounds like a seamless transition between the body and the thrust. I did have to alter the Main Attenuation parameter in Wwise as it was chopping the audio off far too early. I still need to create my own explosions.


Rocket Launcher Project


Finally the fist throwing sound was made with a simple synth patch consisting of a resonant filter sweep over pink noise being automated by an envelope.

In Wwise each weapons actions were put into a sequence container. The body and mech components were placed in random conatiners with pitch randomisation on the individual samples for  a high degree of variation. The punch layers i didn't feel needed multiple variants. I personally think they should feel quite consistent. The final thing i did was set up my containers for the shells hitting the ground.