Cube - Artificial Ambiences

I started playing around with the editor mode in Cube and it gave me a lot of ideas for possible level designs. I noticed there was a lot of either metal or Egyptian textures and i found the latter more interesting. I've decided i'm going to create a large temple scene where the player can explore the outer grounds where it's bright and sunny, or enter the temple that is much darker and creepy. My plan is to use an RTPC to alter the ambience dependant on wether the player is outside or inside. However i'm unsure if i'm able to create this without diving into code.

My level (outdoors)

Wind patch (u-he Hive)

Looking over the WwiseProjectAdventure documentation gave me a deeper insight into how to create varied ambiences. I started by creating a wind patch on a synth plugin in my DAW and recording about thee minutes worth. This was done using pink noise and a random LFO connected to the filter cutoff and resonance. I had two oscillators running simultaneously. One of them had far less resonance and the LFO also controlled the EQ low gain control for some occasional rumble. The second oscillator was much sharper and had less low end so that it created a whistling. There was also random panning assigned to it. After recording the audio i found the sections that were the quietest and split them, ending up with five audio files. In Wwise i imported the wind samples into a random container. Using the continuous play and xfade (power) functions i was able to create a seamless and infinite looping wind sound.

To make the ambience more interesting i needed some wildlife. A problem i had with my original ambience was that the birdsong was embedded into the wind track and therefore had no variation. I managed to record some isolated bird chirps and split them into separate samples. I imported these into a random container and then created a parent sequence container for all wildlife sounds. This was so i could add a silence object in the sequence, so one animal sound plays and then there is gauranteed silence for a random amount of time. This also gives me the option to add other random containers for different animals. There were still a few more things to do with the bird sounds. Currently they were all still playing central in the stereo field, so i needed to randomise the placement of each playback. To do this i used the position editor and created a number of paths that were chosen at random each time a bird sound plays. Next i wanted to add some reverb. Even though the player isn't indoors i think it would be nice to hear some reflections that would be bouncing off the temple walls. To do this i used a relatively short decay time but made the early reflections quite exaggerated to give a slapback delay effect. It took a bit of experimenting because this wasn't a sound i'd ever attempted before. The final thing to do was add the wildlife container and the wind container to a blend container so they could be balanced into a single ambience. The results can be seen below. Next i need to connect the ambience in game so that the bird positions react to the direction the player is facing.

Wwise project file in action

Ambience playing over gameplay