Finished Product


Posted 03/10/2016 by DarkEco

This is a redub that i did for my first year at University. The short film is called "Connected" and from what i could gather it is about a post apocalyptic world where people are relying on each others air to survive. I had never heard the original soundtrack to the film and the redub is entirely my own interpretation based on the image alone. It wasn't just my first time scoring music and sound for film but also my first time capturing Foley. For the footsteps i recorded my friends feet stepping on three different surface types (gravel, damp moss and tarmac). I blended these sounds together and through the use of automation i reduced or increased the presence of certain surfaces. It lead to, in my opinion, some very realistic footsteps that never sounded the same twice.

Recording the wind was an enjoayable day out for me. In the centre of Dundee city there is a large hill called the Dundee Law. I took a wander up to the top in the sunshine with my mic boom and Tascam DR-40 in hand to record some wind sounds. I also had a small picnic! However what should have been an hours work turned into three hours thanks to a rugby team having photoshoots and cheering at the hill top. My only option was to wait or travel very far afield to a place that had no traffic noise nearby. That was also the day i discovered that birds are a real pain when you're trying to capture sound outdoors! My only option was to try and EQ the chirping out of the final capture. This process reduced the bird sound dramatically but also took some of the mid high body away from the wind capture. Fortunately for this paticular short film the sound still worked (possibly worked even better) to compliment the corrupted atmosphere that could be seen.

Without a doubt the most enjoyable part for me was the use of Frequency Modulation (FM) Synthesis to create the harrowing atmosphere in the musical score. You can hear this really kick in around the 1:50 mark. My knowledge of FM is very limited at the moment, but from what i can understand it involves modulating the frequency of a waveform with another, much like an LFO. The difference is the modulators and carriers (waveforms being modulated) can be stacked, so a modulated waveform can then be used to modulate another waveform and so on. This results in some very interesting sounds. I was discovering some great "horror" style sounds using FM, which i decided to test out in the credits sequence. I've decided that for my next redub i'm going to choose something that can utilise these sounds to a greater extent.