Skills & Experience

An aspiring sound designer and composer for media, film and games. Currently working towards an Audio Engineering degree at Perth UHI, he has developed a keen interest in DAW production, acoustics and psychoacoustic skills that can be applied to numerous media formats. Boasting experience with multiple DAWs, which include Pro Tools, Cubase, Studio One and FL Studio, as well as the ability to work with both analog and digital mixing consoles, he's always looking for new and exciting ways to make music unique and entertaining. Armed with cutting edge plugins such as Spectrasonics "Omnisphere" opens up a world of sonic possibilities.

Being a guitarist as well as a synthesiser enthusiast he's constantly looking for ways to bridge the gap between the acoustic and electronic music worlds a create his own definitive sound. Heavy inspiration from guitarists such as Joe Satriani and Steve Vai, as well as electronic masters like Andrew Aversa (aka "Zircon") and Infected Mushroom has lead to him craving a fusion of the two; his idea of the perfect personal genre.

His musical interests don't end there though. As a long term video game geek since 1991 he has been heavily inspired by catchy thematic music that sets a scene. This love has pushed him to strive for his potential sound design career.


"I had an attraction towards music ever since my first keyboard that only had about 3 octaves worth of keys on it. Just pressing the button that made pre-made songs play back was enough to entertain me, but then again most children are easily entertained by lights and sounds at that age. The piano lessons I took throughout primary school certainly strengthened my interest in music itself, but the music I was playing just didn't have an impact on me.

As I grew older I realised the kind of music I was most interested in. I liked music that complimented a certain scene, and at the same time I loved a catchy tune no matter how simple it was. I realised that my musical love sprouted from game soundtracks. I used to play video games endlessly when I was kid and the memories I have from them weren't so much the level design, or the story. It was the music that supported it. When playing a game, if the music worked really well with the scene it would actually give me shivers, and I would find my self replaying the level many times just because of this. A had dedicated save files for specfic points in a variety of games, so i could simply load up my favourite parts!

Years later when I was in high school I went back to playing the games I played when I was 5 years old and had the biggest wave of nostalgia. It filled me with happiness seeing and hearing everything again over 10 years later. I found myself downloading game soundtracks and listening to them on my mp3 player all the time! After this I realised I was purely into this for the music. I didn't need a whole song to be satisfied, I just needed a tune that was catchy and allowed me to picture an environment in my head.

When I began playing my guitar seriously I was very inspired by instrumental works from guitarists like Joe Satriani. I loved the beautiful melodies he created in his music, and in my head they always created some sort of scene. I wanted to be able to create music like him and other virtuoso guitarists, even if I’ll never have as much skill on the guitar as they do. Combining my love for soundtracks, inspiration from video games and virtuoso guitarists and my more recent interest in sound synthesis, I started to nudge myself in the direction of composing and producing music instead of being in a band.

Since studying Audio Engineering at Perth UHI i've become more determined than ever to succeed in my goals. The knowledge i've gained there is fathoms deeper than anything i could have learned at home, and i thank my lecturers for that! I'm easily distracted at home, something which is pushing me to craft my own dedicated studio space that's closed off from the rest of my life. A place that is only for my mind and my tools. Every day in my head i run through my optimum setup. I find acoustics quite fascinating and the thought of organising and acoustically treating my own room excites me as much as building a fort did when i was a kid. I may even have to try and find my old "Keep Out" sign to hang on the door handle!"